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arkansas soft water coolerThe Clear Choice

  • Pure Water – Our coolers are equipped with high quality filtration systems and are sealed to outside elements including dust, air-borne contaminants, bacteria, etc.
  • Convenient – Our worry free operation means you’ll never run out of water. You won’t need storage and you’ll never change bottles.
  • Controlled Costs – Your monthly price is guaranteed for 3 years*.  The cost of water stays the same, regardless of use.
  • Service – Our included annual service maintains high quality water and ensures top performance from the machines.
  • Cost Savings – With unlimited hot and cold water, most customers notice savings compared to bottled options.

Price is $39.95* Per Month
multi stage filtration process


We love our Purlogix water dispenser. We never have to lift heavy water bottles, and we’re never without water while waiting for the water delivery guy.

Jay Arrowood – 1011 Web Solutions

Our water used to be terrible. Now we have great, unlimited drinking water.

Katie – Geared Up Equipment

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